Hi, I'm Adam. I've been developing software for over 20 years and professionally for 10.

I’m deeply knowledgeable in all things web development, and I’m able to expertly distill complex projects into manageable milestones. I easily align with clients on their app, site, and game development visions in order to make them a reality.


About Me

It’s common for my clients to know exactly what they want but not how to get there. I close that gap to ease frustration, educate, and create something incredible that they can be proud of. My clients appreciate my patience, generosity with knowledge, and step-by-step support so their experience is painless and enriching from start to finish.

Apps and Games

Windows Applications

Web Applications


Mobile Applications


Mobile Games


C# .NET, .NET Core


JavaScript / jQuery (AJAX)



Xamarin Forms

Git (GitHub)

AWS (Amazon Web Services)



My Clients Rave About

"Yes, Exactly!"

Ability to extract and distill visions

"Wow, that was fast!"

Ease of communication and timely responses

"I Didn't think about that!"

Expertise and suggestions for a better final product


Insights that make sure software succeeds

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